About Gaming.SL
Gaming.SL is about taking your gaming entertainment in Second Life to a new level. It's about competition; not just with the avatars sitting at your table, but with the avatars sitting at every table. It's about history, your history, and preserving it for future posterity. It's about authenticity, so that when you join the high rollers club there is both proof and reward.

Gaming.SL is where you'll find global leaderboards for some of the most popular games in Second Life as well as ongoing jackpots to win by showing off your skills.

Click Top Scores to the left to see searchable all-time leaderboards for Gaming.SL games. Find leaderboards by region, or just look up your own all-time high scores.

Click Top Winners to see who (maybe you) has won the most games.

Click Top Ranked to see where you stack up against the highest ranked players in Second Life.
For support information, please visit the K.R. Engineering Support Wiki. For lost product redelivery, please visit the K.R. Engineering store in Second Life. If you are a content creator looking to incorporate Gaming.SL Live technology into your own games or if you have problems or questions about Gaming.SL Live that are not addressed on the Support Wiki, please contact us using one of the methods below: