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Hearts is a card game for 4 or 8 players. Played without Jokers, the game is played in rounds with each round consisting of 13 tricks. A trick is one card played from each player (4 or 8 cards). The objective is not to catch any tricks that contain any cards of the Heart suit, or the Queen of Spades. The game is over after one or more players reaches 100 accumulated points, at which point the player (or players) with the lowest overall score win the game.
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Hearts Filter Options
Whether game plays to 100 points (normal) or 60 points (fast).
Hearts Compatible Addons
cards addon
A dark blue card theme with high visibility markers.
compatible with v2.0.0 and up on ALL models
cards addon
A vivid card set with flowing symbols and easy to read designations.
compatible with v2.0.0 and up on ALL models