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LIVE games are ranked based on the type and speed of the region they are operating in, as well as the number of players actively playing them and the number of potential nearby players. Higher rank LIVE games will be shown first, followed by lower ranked games.

To narrow down your game search, start by selecting a specific game instead of All Games. There will be additional search options when looking at the LIVE stream for a specific game, if supported by the game. These options include rule variants so you can find a game that matches your playing style.

The appearance of a game on the LIVE stream does not in any way constitute an endorsement of that establishment by K.R. Engineering or Gaming.SL. The LIVE stream is OPT-IN by the owners of individual games and ranked algorithmically. We have no control over the region names, parcel names, or parcel descriptions of locations where owners place their games. We reserve the right to ban games in offensive locations from appearing on the LIVE stream as we feel appropriate.

If you encounter games that should not be on the LIVE stream (for example: they are not in a publicly accessible area, or have inappropriate parcel names/descriptions), you can report these to us by clicking on the REPORT button in the upper right corner of the parcel description box. Games that abuse the LIVE stream will be banned from appearing on it.